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| HOW TO | How to shoot 4K videos w/ my iPhone?

You might not be a professional video producer but you love shooting the best moments of your life! Change your iPhone videos into masterpieces. Firstly the iPhone 6 was able to shoot in high-quality, but if you've got a more recent phone running iOS 9, you will also be able to improve your camera's shooting.  Don't you know that your iPhone is capable of shooting high-quality video: HD and beyond if you know how to use it? You can actually shoot 4K video on your iPhone, but also change the frames per second to give you the best video w/...

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| PHONES | No more battery? Is that the future of Cellphones?


Living in a constant search of technology improvements, our goal would be to be able to use devices without any electricity or battery: seemed completely impossible, manufacturers constantly creating new products that can last longer on a single battery charge. A engineers’ team from the University of Washington has passed this step. In fact, they just built a cellphone that doesn’t need a battery. Can you believe it? Aesthetically, it doesn’t have the design of a normal cell phone: only a printed circuit board with the basics to make phone calls, including a microphone, number pad and headphone jack.  ...

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| LAUNCH | What we know about the coming iPhone 8?


Rumors, leaks and stories, we can find a lot of potential information about the latest baby by Apple: the iPhone 8. If Apple follows its habits, the launch should be in September. We, at Raz Tech, as Technology lovers, tried to put all the info together, in this blog post.  The potential specs of the new iPhone would be: - A virtual home button (integrated Touch ID) - The actual Touch ID would also have alternative options: Iris Scanning and/or Facial Recognition*According to Korea Economic Daily, Bloomberg and a JP Morgan analyst, Apple has been working on facial recognition technology that leverages dual cameras for...

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| HOW TO | Download YouTube videos - Save videos for offline viewing

Initially made to stream, YouTube videos can be downloaded if you want to keep videos for later or if we really enjoy one.  I) TubeMate for Android - App In the "Unknown source" section, tap the toggle to turn this setting on. Go on the downloader website and select one of the verified sites to download it from. Install TubeMate by running the file. The app looks like the YouTube one, with an additional frame around it. The menu icon in the top right allows you to download by selecting 'URL' and paste the address of a video from your browser. Once the video...

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| HDMI | How to connect your HDMI cables?

Cables Connection Consumer Electronics Display Port HDMI HDMI Cable Innovation Laptop Port PS3 PS4 Xbox

In order to connect your laptop to your TV, you will need an HDMI cable. Purchasing the right one and knowing how to connect it to your devices, these are the questions that Raz Tech wants to answer in this blog post.  HDMI* (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is the current standard for connecting your video and audio devices. Requiring little configuration, it transfers both audio and video signal digitally. It allows you to connect your electronic devices without having to worry about color-coded cables or multiple plugs. An HDMI cable will carry both video and audio signal from a device to your...

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