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How is our Tech today? Raz Tech is shaking things up a bit:

RazTech 2.0 becomes Raz Technology (Pty) Ltd. 3.0

What does it mean? & How does this effect you?
Before we begin, it is important to understand that the changes that have been implemented are not taking away from our eCommerce seller capacity, but in fact it is adding simplicity to the completion of the sales process. Inclusive of Free delivery costs.
• Our product range remains as wide as you want it to be, growing and evolving with every Client request.
• Both our product quality and our professional – transparent - communicative approach has been revised and improved.
Now with regards to the changes that are being implemented are as follows:
• We are optimizing customer experience by implementing our new transparent operational structure, which is anchored on communication focus.
• Raz Technology (Pty) Ltd. is entering the Business to Business market in 2019.
    1.  Placing of orders: (non-bulk order)
You will still be able to purchase product via the website, the only thing that will be changed is that your order will be fulfilled by YOUR choice of marketplaces.We have acquired preferred seller status at our marketplace partners where we have our own stores registered and have direct access to communicative channels for addressing developmental matters. This allows for us to directly link you from our website the purchase fulfilment page on the specific marketplaces, as selected by you. 
Buy on:
Our drive is to keep evolving with the times and therefore we have decided to change our e-Commerce structure to make it easy for you, our client, to stay ahead of the times. This also provides us with more time which will be directed to our customer support sector – from request to fulfilment.
2.   Business bulk order option:
In this sector we see the future and in so doing we have put a lot of time and effort into developing a bulk order alternative to acquiring and building Business to Business relations.
Raz Technology (Pty) Ltd. is offering you a “turn key” solution with services that are designed to save you time and money – we "make tech easy" for you and your company.
At Raz Technology (Pty) Ltd., we have designed our service to address the most fundamental aspect of business relations, this being transparency in communication when it comes to order fulfilment.

As you will find in the “Operational overview” available upon request, we have divided our operations into 8 (eight) clearly defined sectors where communication is at top of mind all through the process.
For more clarity and discussion regarding this option, please let us know. This would provide us a solid starting point for our business relationship with you.
Please, contact us for clarity or if you have any suggestions. 
Warm regards,
Raz Tech Team. 
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