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In an era of globalization, languages possess the keys to experiencing the world fully: travelling, shopping, communication etc.…

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As an example to the diversity found in languages across the world find that English is not always spoken in at all the places that one visits.

In fact, after Mandarin (Chinese) and Spanish, English is the third most used primary language in the world: There are more than 50 English speaking countries, where English is either the official or the primary language. 375 million people speak English around the world.

In the understanding of the difficulties related to the aspect of Globalization and the language barrier found therein, the Dutch company ‘Travis’ has created a translator. This device is called the ‘TravisOne’ and has currently sold over 100-thousand units worldwide.

Now in it’s third crowdfunding upgrade, called “TravisTouch”, the devices are a proven every day accessory for the traveling type and more powerful than its predecessors. “The devices main improvements are in hardware and usability” said Gregor Noltes, the Chief Marketing Officer. 

The ‘TravisTouch’ integrates with 16 translation engines and chooses the highest-ranking platform based on the language pair of choice via AI. The ‘TravisTouch’ supports 105 languages in total which are accessible on either one of the 200 mobile operators that is supported. It also has a “Magic Button” that uses voice commands to select the languages of your choice.

It’s a direct competitor is Google Pixel Buds, and the only exception is that it’s not an app. 

The device is sold on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo for a final retail price around $249. 

Specs Travis Translator

Source: via Indiegogo, Travistranslator, Amazon and Gadget.co.za

For more information, read this Medium article about the Travis One

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