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Because we all need to be conscious of our environment, we all need to understand the impact we have on the planet. With a constant increase of the global warming, an increase of the pollution and the household, industrial wastes... The concerns are real and this is with pleasure and proudness that Raz Tech publishes today about the innovative eco-friendly products saw in 2016. 

#1 Goal Zero Venture 30 Solar Recharging Kit 
A 7,800 mAh battery pack and a Nomad 7 foldable solar panel. In fact, the latter can recharge the battery pack completely in only nine hours of bright sunlight. The pack can recharge a smartphone twice from empty (depending on the model). 
Pricey (=$170) but great for the environment, Goal Zero gives you independence from power outlets.
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Goal Zera Kit

#2  Apple iPhone 
Using renewable energy for most of its global operations, Apple is one of the most eco-friendly mobile tech brands around. Indeed, Apple omits toxic materials from the construction of the iPhones. The company offers a smartphone recycling program also. 
Pricey (from $355) but well-known worldwide for its quality, the iPhone remains one of the best smartphones on the market. 
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Apple iPhone

#3 iBamboo iPhone Speaker 
Made from a piece of natural bamboo, with a slot for your iPhone, the iBamboo speaker is the most environmentally conscious accessory we saw these past years. The natural resonance of the bamboo ensures a good sound quality. 
Price: $25
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Bamboo speaker

#4 Evutec Wood Series Smartphones Cases 
Teamed up with the association Trees for the future, Evutec plants a tree for every case it sells. Evutec uses FCS- certified wood veneers with Dupont Kevlar, the cases are resilient and ultra-thin. 
Price: from $20 compatible with Apple and Samsung devices
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eco-friendly cases

#5 House of Marley Chant Mini 
This wireless speaker is made from Bamboo (FSC-Certified), recyclable aluminum and plastic, as well as cotton and canvas fabric. 
Price: $50
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#6 Booq Cobra Squeeze Backpack 
This earth-loving gadget is made from a blend of eco-friendly cotton and water-repellent PET. All materials are recyclable. 
Price: $195
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#7 Incase Reform Collection Bags 
The Reform Collection's bags are made from Ecoya poly fabric. The production process liberates fewer CO² emissions than the typical fabric production. Moreover, dyeing the material demands 89% less water than conventional methods. 
Price: from $90
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collection bags

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