Have you ever used Yahoo? You may have been spied on!

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Yahoo has been in the e-mail game for quite a while now. They used to be the preferred platform for e-mailing alongside Microsoft Outlook until Google Mail was revamped and became the market leader in electronic mail services. We do worry that Yahoo Mail’s reign may be all but over due to their blowout privacy beach. People want privacy when sending and receiving mail, you wouldn’t use the postal service if the postman had to read through your letter each time you sent one, why should e-mailing be any different? According to our sources, Yahoo installed surveillance software last year after the NSA (National Security Agency) and FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) issued a request to scan all clients (users) incoming emails.

This is quite shocking as freedom and privacy are two essential attributes humans pride themselves on, ironically, especially in the USA, we have heard before that airports in the US scan emails of suspicious persons to identify whether someone on ‘vacation’ is actually looking for permanent work, to combat the immigration ‘problem’, according to Trump.

It would be interesting to find out why the FBI and NSA would want access to people’s emails, after all data collection is worth a lot of bucks! We just doubt that was their intent. When reporters sent a request for comment to the FBI and NSA they were denied any comment on the matter.

Take a look here to see the full story.

Source (c): cnet.com

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