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For the past decade, laptops’ manufacturers have been putting efforts to make the devices always smaller. In order to do that, they made the parts (motherboards, hard drives, microprocessors, etc.) also smaller and place them close to each other. The three parts mentioned previously create heat and the fact that they’re closer to each other concentrate the heat. In order to cool these parts down, fans are built into the laptops but cannot work properly in such small spaces, in addition with the fact that the heat cannot easily escape. That’s why laptops overheat.


Raz Tech gives you here few tips you should know and apply to prevent your MacBook from overheating:

  • Avoid to put your laptop on anything while charging or switched on like a cover, cushion. This kind of material could obstruct the air vents (rear vents).
  • Don’t put anything on your keyboard when the device is operating in closed-lid mode. It could cause the laptop to turn on and off, producing heat and draining your battery.
  • Set your device to go into standby mode when you’re not using it. Try to turn off your device overnight to let it cool off. It will reduce heat output from the laptop’s parts and save power.
  • When you’re traveling and moving your laptop, make sure it is always switched off in the bag.
  • Clean regularly the air vents cause the dust gets stuck and block the air vents, preventing them from working well. You can find electric cleaner also.

Source (c): Apple, HowStuffWork.com

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