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Is technology made to make our life easier than ever before? Definitely. Saving time, making daily routine easier and improving lifestyle, these are the main goals of technology. That's how comes the Smart Home Concept also called automated homes: the integrated home systems are a recent design development. 

Smart Home

What's the concept? 

Smart homes incorporate common devices that control the features of the home. In a simple way, it can be described by a house which is equipped with smart objects, a home network makes possible to transport information between objects and a residential gateway to connect the smart home to the outside Internet World. 
Originally used to control environmental systems such as heating and lighting, this technology has developed, so that almost any electrical component within the house can be included in the system. It doesn't only turn devices on and off, it can also manage the internal environment and the activities that are being undertaken while the house is busy. Smart objects make it possible to interact with inhabitants or to observe them. (-Scary, isn't it?)

Smart home technology uses many of the same devices that are used in assistive technology in order to build an environment in which many features in the home are automated and devices can communicate with each other thanks to the use of the "busline" (-cable that connects all the devices together and enables interconnectivity between devices in different room throughout the home-). 

The new projects coming with the development of the internet and the high-speed access (ADSL, satellite, optic fiber) are oriented multimedia access (The Internet, telephony, video...) thermal comfort and safety. The potential of home-working and teleworking is becoming possible. 

Source (c): A publication from Researchgate.net , yournewsticker.com

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