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Music is everything. Would you imagine for one second, a life without melody and sounds? How sad would that be? It's unimaginable. On this note, Raz Tech wrote today about the different online platforms that provide streaming music services. The options for music access are becoming more and more unlimited. Here is our selection. Pick up your favorite one! 


Experienced in the field, Deezer started in 2006. With 30 million music options in its catalog, Deezer is compatible with almost every platform as Spotify. They offer free unlimited music access for one month and then restrict the access to two hours only. 


#2- SOUNDCLOUD (my personal favorite) 

Popular due to its unique feature that allows users to share and listen their own original music creation. With a massive music library, SoundCloud provides free streaming and unlimited playlists options. 



Google Play enables users to access the whole music catalog, not just streaming ones. Compatible with every platform including iOS, Google Play is accessible and widely used in the music streaming service industry. 

Google Play


MixCloud enables users to have long length tracks, radio shows, music mixes. They can create playlists and download without any costs. This platform only provides mixes. 


Sorry guys, unfortunately for us, Spotify and Pandora are still not available in South Africa. 

Music Platform Streaming

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