| HOW TO | How to shoot 4K videos w/ my iPhone?

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You might not be a professional video producer but you love shooting the best moments of your life!
Change your iPhone videos into masterpieces.

Video shooting

Firstly the iPhone 6 was able to shoot in high-quality, but if you've got a more recent phone running iOS 9, you will also be able to improve your camera's shooting. 

Don't you know that your iPhone is capable of shooting high-quality video: HD and beyond if you know how to use it? You can actually shoot 4K video on your iPhone, but also change the frames per second to give you the best video w/ the highest number of pixels. 

You can't reach this level of quality by opening up the camera, you need to open your settings and apply some changes first: Go to Settings ; Camera, tap Record Video or Record Slow-mo and select your favorite resolution.
The higher the resolution is and frame rate, the bigger the finished video will be. 

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