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Microsoft, the American Tech company, found in 1975, doesn’t really get old. After Windows 7, 8, we upgraded to Windows 10, the current version is still evolving.

Here's what you need to know.  The Windows 10 Creators update was detailed by Microsoft on 26 October 2016. Windows 10 (reviewed) became available on 29 July 2015 and was followed by the free Anniversary Update on 2 August 2016. The next big Windows 10 update is the Creators update, scheduled to arrive in Winter 2017.

Microsoft Windows 10 Update

Searching constant improvement, Microsoft made the choice to bring 3D to everyone through a brand-new version of its Paint application called Paint 3D. You will be able to get it with the Windows 10 Creators update. The company said: “Anyone who would like to start creating and sharing in Paint 3D can do so by joining the Windows Insider Program -- available for PC and Phone”. For the well-trained people in sophisticated CAD or design programs, 3D Paint could be a great tool for expression.

3D modeling car

Almost every computer has been limited to a two-dimensional canvas, here is a real revolution, Megan Saunders indicated that 3D could improve the communication and also accelerate comprehension because of the better representation of the world (three-dimensional).

In the 3D Design Space, 3D-modeling software tools are already on the market such as AutoCAD, SolidWorks or Rhino3D.

According to the experts, Paint 3D is an entry-level product, in order to familiarize users with 3D technologies. It will allow them to do more on their devices (desktop computers and mobile) but will not surpass the existing advanced tools.

3D design and printing are not our future but our present. They will be integrated with many other future solutions.

Watch the introduction video below:

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