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The last version of the Microsoft's operating system, Windows 10 built upon what made its old versions so popular but it also has new features such as Start Menu, Windows Phone assistant (Cortana), Task switcher, New Taskbar, Snap Assist, Improved Windows Explorer, New Edge browser, Multiple desktops. 

To download and install Windows 10, go through the steps to make sure your PC is ready for the upgrade to Windows 10 (with Windows 10 Upgrade Advisor for example) creating a drive, backing up your files.
The upgrade is now no longer free, but you can find ways to get it for free. You can also experience issues and the software won't install, Tech Radar created a smart guide which explains to you how to get Windows 10 in this kind of situation and also reinstall it

Windows 10

With this tool, you've got plenty of possibilities: 

1# Control your PC with your voice
Activate Cortana by clicking inside the search box and tapping the mic button. 
You can then use it for any search, you can also manage your own settings: set reminders for some tasks. 

2# Windows 10 allows you to select when you want to restart your PC
Type "update" into the search box, select "Windows Update Settings" and choose a restart time. You can get notifications if you select the option in Advanced options. 

3# Change the look 
You can make your Windows look how you like. Right-click the desktop and "Personalise", choose your visual setting: background, accent color, theme...etc. 

4# Customise the Start Menu
Right-Click the desktop, go to the Personalisation settings menu and click "Start" in the menu. You can choose the way applications appear and make the Start menu full screen "Use Start full screen". 

5# Create separate work environments 
You can choose multiple desktops: "New desktop" button. 

6# Record 
Game DVR mode allows you to get videos of your screen while watching videos or playing game. Hold the Window key and press "G" to bring it up, then hit the red button to record. 

7# Get rid of the login screen 
Right-click the Start button and select "Run" from the menu, type "netplwiz" and hit OK. Then, uncheck the box where is says "Users must enter a username and password..."

8# Easily manage your hard drive 
In order to save space on your hard drive, open the Start menu, click "Settings > System" and click "Storage" in the left-hand menu. Click on your hard drive for a storage overview, and then click on each area to see individual programs or files that you can delete or uninstall. 

Source (c): Windows, Tech Radar

Windows 10


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