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For centuries, surfing was a big part of the old Polynesian culture. Been observed by British explorers at Tahiti in 1767. Mark Twain, visiting Hawaii in 1866, wrote: 
"In one place we came upon a large company of naked natives, of both sexes and all ages, amusing themselves with the national pastime of surf-bathing." 

Reaching 23million surfers worldwide, it's one of the most practiced sports nowadays.

Following the global technology evolution, some start-ups' companies launched products dedicated to surfing. Fitbit and Jawbone have both made their niche in the fitness sector, Apple and Google continue to develop the range of computerized wristwatches. Samsung is the brand which tries to meet surfers' needs: there is also an official partnership between Samsung and the World Surf League. 
Here are few apps that surfers should check out. Find below some new tech: 


1#Wearable tech: from fitness trackers to smart clothing

Rip Curl Watch

- The Rip Curl Search GPS watch: Allows athletes to determine their number of rode waves, paddled distances and top speeds in the water. 

Gear 2 Samsung

-The Gear S Waterproof watch (by Samsung) with a surfing app designed for competitions to deliver important data (placement, scores, timing, etc.) - Wifi and 3G network

2#Board Tracking 

- Trace: activity tracked programmed to monitor the physics and performance of a surfer. It has the ability to collect wave characterization data and convert it into reports. 
- Smart Fin: a surfboard fin, protecting swimmers from harmful toxicities in the ocean. It measures the acidity, salinity, temperature of the water and then sends the data to your smartphone. 
Surf fin


3#Visuals learning tools

- Drones: aerial vantage points of the waves before heading out towards the shore. 
- GoPro action cameras: captures HD footage that can be analyzed and shared for instant feedback.
Video by GoPro 


4#Virtual Reality 

- Gear VR Innovator Editon by Samsung Virtual Reality headset technology: riding the waves in simulated form by stepping onto a moving surfboard. You'll have a full-360 degree view of the ocean. 

Samsung VR Headset










The future of surfing is promising and the level of competition will increase. "Sky is the limit".
The search of performance and perfection pushes Tech Companies to create new tools and gear and reinvent this incredible sport. 

Source (c): Wikipedia, Samsung.com, RipCurl.com, GoPro, Askmen.com

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