Stop wasting all your cellular data: Save money and time with these tips!

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Saving cellular data

Pre-paid cards, monthly charging or unlimited data plans... All of us here in South Africa, in Cape Town or somewhere else, are stared at our Tab or Smartphone: playing Pokémon Go, matching beautiful souls on Tinder or just texting our friends and family on WhatsApp.
We obviously all need to check and keep a close watch on our Data usage to avoid excess charges on our bill. Yes, it could be a problem when our Smartphones sneakily eat up our precious Data in the background. It's not an iPhone problem, it's an Android problem as well! 

Raz Tech wants to help you fighting this waste of money with some tips and advice:

1# For Android:
Take the time to install the free application: My Data Manager and allow it to track the data your apps use. You'll have an overview of your data plan and see which app are running in the background or which app needs to be deleted. 
2# For iPhones: 
  • Turn off your data usage for iCloud
    • Go to your settings and then iCloud
    • In ICloud Drive
    • Disable Use Cellular data
  • Disable automatic downloads on cellular data
    • Go to your settings
    • Go to iTunes and App Store
    • Disable use cellular data
  • Turn off Wifi assist
    • Go to your settings
    • Tap cellular
    • Scroll down and disable Wi-Fi assist
  • Disable cellular data for unnecessary apps
    • Go to your settings
    • Tap cellular
    • Disable apps as needed
  • Disable background app refresh
    • Go to your settings
    • Tap general
    • Background app refresh
    • Either disable apps one-by-one or disable all apps at the top
  • Turn off cellular data completely
    • Go to your settings
    • Tap cellular
    • Disable cellular data
We hope that this post will be helpful guys! 


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