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In the age of digitalization, business in the web industry is essential and constantly increasing and evolving. Hereto there is a huge uptake in job offers spanning from web designer to artificial intelligence within the industry.

              We found it interesting and thus would like to share our findings on the top 5 (five) web directed jobs being recruited for in this field currently:


              The Web Developer:

As an expert in programming, the Web developer is indispensable for any project with a digital dimension. Whether for websites or applications, the developer generally follows a set of specifications that allows him to meet the specific needs of his clients.

An example: company communication agencies call upon the web developer to customize their web interface to be optimized for their operations.

              The UX designer

The UX designer develops innovative solutions for improvement within the user experience - on a website or in application.

Is it easy to use? Does it enable you to complete your desired tasks with minimum effort? Is it logical and efficient? These are all indicators of a good or bad user experience.

After analyzing the behavior of the user interface, they analyze and design a specific digital backbone that meets the expectations in terms of navigation.


              The SEO consultant

This SEO expert implements actions which will increase the visibility/accessibility to websites – with aim of positioning it on the first page of the search engine results.

They can intervene on both technical aspects - by carrying out an SEO audit and/or on the strategic front - by proposing an editorial strategy for the creation of content.


              The Community manager

The community manager's main objectives are to engage and commune internet users around a brand or online cause. Pushing awareness and maintaining interest. 


Creating content and interacting with the active online community, forms part of their daily tasks.

They are in charge of the animation and modernization of social networks - making it attractive to the target market for engagement.


              The Traffic manager

As its name suggests, they manage the process of controlling the numbers and/or type of visitors flowing online to a website.

They ensure online fairness and prevent website crashes in operating with the following solutions:

  • Build performance into the web application
  • Block access to the site during server overload
  • Coordinate marketing campaigns
  • Manage traffic inflow

Optimizing website performance and maintain it.

They master the field of referencing (natural and paid) and are capable of analyzing statistics related to site navigation.

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