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We spend hours on our Smartphones every day, for messaging, searching, guiding... With more than 2.6 million apps on the Google Play Store, the choice is wide. How to find the more useful and awesome apps to simplify our daily routine? I selected for you some recent powerful apps that going to change your life (just like that!) 

"I love cooking" #1 - KITCHEN STORIES 
We are not all good cookers but we are willing to cook: here is the app that can make your life easier, "Kitchen Stories" is an international cooking app for iOS and Android devices, founded in 2014 where you can find a various quantity of recipes for your everyday dishes. Videos, Images, Tips and articles transform cooking into an easy, unique experience. 
Start using it this evening and amaze your friends! 

Kitchen Stories

"I get bored on my way to work" #2 & 3 - POPCORN TIME & KINDLE 
You never get the time to watch movies or read a book but you spend hours in public transport, what a shame! Thanks to these apps, you will entertain yourself freely. 

Open the app, select a movie, choose HD and subtitles, click play and enjoy! Proving great movies, PT is constantly searching all over the web for the best torrents. No restrictions and an awesome quality, find the movie you want in their wide range. 


If you love reading books, this app is definitely made for you, equipped or not with the Kindle Reader, you can download the app and discover a large catalog of books and magazine. So convenient!  


"I want to be informed" #4 & 5- PODCAST PLAYER & ANCHOR
Bored of these thousand of information coming up every day on your feed? Me too. That's why I love listening to these podcasts or other exchanges about many meaningful topics. 

Awarded as Top Developer with over 2 million installs, Player FM is a free android podcast app that has over 300 000 shows. From politics, fitness, music to daily news, Player FM has something interesting for you. 


Made by the people, Anchor is a source of discussions about different topics: humor, knowledge, inspiration... it makes easy to broadcast short audio clips to a global audience in seconds. You can listen, talk back, creating instant group conversations. 

Podcast player

"I love photography" #6 & 7 - PRISMA & ARTISTO
With a good smartphone's camera and a nice filter on Instagram, we can all become a 2.0 artist. It gives a chance to talented people who didn't know they are to be seen, but also it popularizes and makes harder the job of photographer. That being said, if you love Instagram, try these editing apps. 

Turn your pictures into incredible artwork thanks to some art filters using the style of famous artists as well as world famous photo effects and patterns.


Same concept as Prisma, Artisto processes videos through neural network and generate stunning visual effects (photos and videos now available) 


"I love to keep contact" #8 - FLYCHAT
If you're looking for a way to read your messages from all your favorite messengers, this app is made for you. It overlays every other app and you can reply from anywhere you want. Flychat supports WhatsApp, Skype, Twitter, Facebook messenger, Google messenger and Slack for example. Get the best messaging experience! 


Enjoy these apps and give us a feedback or your opinion on it! 
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