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I'm not a reporter travelling the world but I'm definitely someone who like travelling: in my country, abroad, everywhere indeed. In my suitcase? My bagpack? Plenty of clothes (-we never know), plenty of shoes (-hikes, beach, casual shoes...) , plenty of useless goods that will probably stay in the dark the whole trip (-make-up, hairbrush, jean...) . However, in my bag, you can also find some travel tech gadget, useful in many situations, here is my checklist: 

- My charger (Adapter + Cable) for my phone and my other devices (Universal or Apple)
As most of my friends, my smartphone became a powerful and helpful tool, used on a daily basis. Three years old, the battery has been changed already once and my phone still needs to be charged every day. The charger is THE vital accessory that you can't forget, definitely. 

- My Power Bank: During my vacations, I'm not always in places which have electricity (- that's what happens when you like road trips-), a power bank is a perfect tool to charge your phone any time of the day. | BEST GADGET: the solar power bank - only if you're going for sunny holidays.

- My Bluetooth Headphone: Listening music while running or driving, the Bluetooth headphone are practical and convenient, no need for a cable, you could move freely wherever you want. 

- My Aux Cable: Basic equipment for a long drive, the Aux Cable allows you to put your music on in the car. You don't have to listen to any ads or speeches on the radio anymore. What a pleasure!

- My Bluetooth Speaker: You just got to your favourite spot, you pitched the tent and finally can relax. The holidays can start and if you like music as I do, you will love putting some awesome tunes on your Bluetooth speaker that you can bring everywhere! 

- My Car Holder: During long drives across the country GPS and music are important, the car holder makes my life easier.  

- My Smartphone case & Tempered Glass Screen Protector: Because vacations are made of crazy moments, you would not always keep a careful eye on your phone, and it can easily fall off your pocket or your bag. In order to avoid any damages or scratches that will ruin your device and your mood, the protection accessories are required! 

 Enjoy your summer holidays! Christmas is around the corner! 

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