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This year 2016 was rich in terms of new technology, 2017 is around the corner and it's time to congratulate the year best innovations:


# COMPUTING: Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga Laptop with OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) screen 

Best everyday notebook provided with an excellent keyboard and a huge touchpad, the ThinkPad has stunning display options. 

*OLED is a LED, thinner and lighter than an LCD, in which the emissive electroluminescent layer is a film of organic compound that emits light in response to an electric current, working without a backlight. 

Lenovo Thinkpad

# COOL TECH: Genworth R70I Exoskeleton Aging Simulator 

The R70i, as it’s called, is an exoskeleton, but it doesn’t make you stronger or faster. Instead, it actually makes you weaker and slower. It’s designed to make you feel like a crotchety old person.
To do this, the suit leverages a myriad of different technologies. The motorized frame restricts your movements to simulate arthritis and muscle loss, while a special augmented reality headset induces things like hearing loss, tinnitus, and even the tunnel vision that comes with glaucoma.
Individually, these technological tricks are disorienting, but when you experience all of them at once, it’s downright debilitating — and that’s the whole point. The R70i can’t make you stronger or faster, but it can provide the wearer with empathy and understanding for senior citizens and the challenges they face.

The R70i

# GAMING: HTC Vive Virtual Reality System 

Providing a high-end experience, the Vive makes tangible the immersive and represents the future of VR gaming. The headset is smooth but definitely expensive and not accessible for all consumers. 

Vive HTC

# HEADPHONES: Audeze Sine Headphones 

The new Sine headphones distil Audeze’s brilliant planar magnetic technology into a sleek, leather-bound pair of $500 beauties. These cans are comfortable, ultra portable, and sound incredible — even from your smartphone. They take the accomplishments of the EL-8 even further towards portability. For good measure, the company will also roll out its new Cypher Lightning cable, capable of sourcing 24bit/48kHz audio from an iPhone, to be sold separately at a price roaming around the $100 range.

For bringing audiophile sound to the masses with nothing more than the phone in your pocket, Audeze’s new Sine headphones take the crown as our Best Headphones of CES.

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