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After seeing "I, Robot", this American movie with Will Smith broadcasted in 2004, I start thinking about AI. When will our society integrate fully robots? Whether they will take our jobs, act as our own personal butlers or plan mankind's final apocalypse downfall, we've been obsessed robots for a long time already.  

In this increasingly automated world, the Robot exhibit at London's Science Museum is definitely on point. You can admire there the technology wonders of the past century. 

1#Telenoid - Japan 2013
Intended as a physical stand-in for a person on the other end of a telephone, this creepy robot has the ability to record a caller's voice and movements and then transmit to and mimicked them. The aim is to a complete remote communication experience. 


2#YuMi - Switzerland 2015
This small sized dual-arm collaborative robot has its arms modeled on those of a person, its limbs come with extra points of articulation and, paired with its dexterity and accuracy, YuMi could definitely be useful to a factory. 


3#REEM - Spain 2016 
This "service robot" is intended for exhibitions, events, promotions. It can be used to greet guests, offer directions and interact with the public through questions and commands issued through its touch screen. 


4#Kaspar - UK 2015
This well-dressed robot is made to be used by children who have conditions related to autism, who often find it difficult to read people's expressions and emotions. The minimal movements Kasper push children with autism to explore new ways of communicating, with a passive companion. It's made to give children confidence and help them to communicate. 


5#Kodomoroid - Japan 2014
This robot is one of the most realistic androids in the world, it can read out the latest news and move its features and body realistically in time. Incredibly impressive!


We're waiting impatiently the latest robots which will be launched this year... 

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