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Is it just how the young generation behaves nowadays? Living their life through the screen of a smartphone? Observing pictures of other people’s lives? Comparing themselves? Competing with their friends on the pathway to social media fame? 



In fact, in this day and age, it’s difficult to survive even one short week without a phone. To find your way to a new place, to contact your loved ones, to meet up with friends, to keep pictures for memories’ sake, to remain ‘updated’ with the world – your smartphone became your closest friend without you even knowing it, because he is the one you spend all your time with.
Following society’s evolution, Braun Research Inc. – on behalf of Bank of America –conducted a telephone survey of 1000 US respondents last year. The persons consulted were adults (18years old and +) with a bank account and a smartphone:
55% of the participants left their mobile phone on a nightstand at night and 3% in their hand.
35% agreed that their smartphone is the first thing on their minds in the morning and only 13% the toothbrush.
54% of the younger millennials replied they are constantly checking and using their phone against 0% using it only in the morning and evening.
31% of the participants consider turning back home if they left their smartphone behind and 17% replied that they would not.
11% of the participants agreed that they couldn’t last without their smartphone more than one hour.
Aren’t those figures astounding? How reliant we’ve become on a piece of technology? How we drove away every day, stuck into our screens without looking up to appreciate the floating clouds, the gentle breeze, and the sun flecks dancing between the swaying branches.

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