Vodacom secures 5 billion rand tender - their biggest deal to date with the public sector

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The South African government believes there’s a lot of money to be saved. In his budget speech, Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has stated that the reduction of government costs has now become a matter of priority. We do agree that South Africa could cut costs to free up some of their budget to sort out ongoing problems that affect most South Africans on a daily basis like infrastructure, communications and education. “The state could save 25 billion rand a year through “belt tightening,” he said, including 500 million rand from changing mobile-phone policies.” We’ll have to wait and see how that money is spent to determine whether cost-cutting has benefited the country or not.

This tender will make up 1.8% of Vodacom’s annual revenue of 80 billion rand.

Read how Vodacom have invested their money lately here:


To read more on the tender visit our trusted source, Bloomberg, here:


The tender is set to provide 1.3 million government employees for four years.

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