Earphones & Headphones

 Find the perfect companion for your Smartphone, your Laptop and your Music 

Raz Tech offers a range of high quality earphones and headphones for audio applications.
Note that all Raz Tech products come with a 6-month guarantee.

Wireless Headphone 8in1 - by Raz Tech

R 399.00

The Wireless Headphones 8-in-1 is suitable for receiving sound from various electronic devices. With a high sensitivity, interference resistance and Hi-Fi Sound quality, You can enjoy audio without any hassle...

Wireless Metal Sport-Beat Folding Headphone Headset BT008

R 449.00
R 599.00

The Raz Tech Wireless Headphone Headset has a stylish design and a exceptional sound quality. It will have you jamming out to your favorite tunes whenever and wherever you want: Beach,...