or the art of transparency, efficiency and communication.

“When reflecting on our Business to Business sector - we keep our proposals short and to the point.” 
– Raz Technology (Pty) Ltd.

What does it mean?

It means that Raz Technology (Pty) Ltd. aims to become a trustworthy, reliable and long-term business partner for a large number of South African companies which are looking for tech, laptops and mobiles accessories for their clients or their businesses. 

We are offering:
- Discounts on bulk orders
- 6-months warranty
- 15-days returns policy
- Customer Service available 5/7 days from 9 to 5pm
- Dedicated Account Manager
- Customized orders for professionals
- Wide range of +1000 products 

Company Assets

Raz Technology (Pty) Ltd. Business Solutions are designed to save you time and money. With a dedicated team that will keep you informed of operations at all and any given time, (answering all questions related to your order and delivery) we value communication as the cornerstone to our operations and business relations. We are aiming to build strong long-term business relations with our clients. 

  1. We have low MOQ’s.       
  2. We carry a large number of products in stock – to accelerate the deliverable.
  3. We operate with ‘communicative transparency’ when it comes to order fulfillment.
  4. Over 4-years developed relations with our product manufacturers and import agents.

Product Accessibility 

Business Solution for ProfessionalsHigh-quality, reliable and affordable alternatives.

Due to the rise of the online market across the world, everything has become much more easily accessible. Advances in technology and the boom for luxury of choice has distorted the simplicity of product acquisition. At Raz Technology (Pty) Ltd. we offer you a customer-centered experience and add product quality to the simplicity of choice.

With 4 years within the South African tech market, we have established well looked after and respected relationships with our manufacturers. Allowing for direct access to a large range of high-quality products for distribution. In doing so, we have listed our products as product categories, rather than individual items, as the range is ever growing and this would not truly reflect the scope of products that we have on offer. 

Custom designed products are also being a possibility.

Hereto we provide opportunity for acquisition of corporate gifts, for clientele and/or employees alike. Where the product choice is large and the timeline is communicated. Please do not hesitate to give our order fulfillment cycle a spin.

Order Fulfillment Cycle

Through experience, we have uncovered that a transparent and open manner of communication is at the forefront of having a successful business to business relationship.

And therefore, we have designed our own order fulfillment cycle process. Divided into 8 (eight) clear operational sectors it is developed to have communications at the heart of its functionality. (Be assured that we will gladly share the order fulfillment cycle informative PDF with you upon request.)

  1. First Contact
  2. Enquiry
  3. Order specifics
  4. Feedback
  5. Agreement
  6. Proforma / invoice
  7. Product Acquisition
  8. Delivery
We are looking forward to building a trusted long-term partnership with our clients, hopefully also with you and your business!
Send us your enquiry (via the form below) or directly to or via WhatsApp +27 79 147 8616