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| Raz Tech, wanting to become your best adviser |

Nowadays, everything is accessible quickly and easily thanks to the Internet and the new technology.
Lost in the large range of possibilities, it is sometimes difficult to make the best choice. 
Classic situation: 
“Looking on your laptop brand's website -nothing crazy or too expensive.
On internet: 1,098,938 results. Where do you have to go? 
Many well-established e-commerce platforms, lost into 17 pages of chaos.
No sellers are identifiable. There is no precise contact or support. No phone number.
For my rubber gel case... it's ok, but for my replacement battery or my HDMI Cable, I’m not too sure.
I purchase, I return, I can’t find anything reliable, I freak out, a lot,
I waste my time and I end up throwing my brand-new laptop out of the window…”
No, no one wants to reach this point of distress. 
We began Raz Tech with this simple promise: to provide affordable alternatives to expensive accessories
and at the same time make your customer experience easy. We wanted to build a brand you can trust, 
a place where you know that if you buy from us, there is someone you can speak to and get assistance.

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